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Hello! My name is Ria Sarkar.

This is not a regular run-of-the-mill art history blog. This is an attempt to answer certain questions and curiosities that have shaped my journey into art history.

The world of Art in the South and Southeast Asian regions is wonderfully diverse, but there are certain aspects that form a link between them which is often lost in translation. That’s what my blog focuses on – highlighting interesting motifs, mapping the trajectory of cultural assimilation across the art and architecture of neighbouring countries, across continents and the impact of religious art from ancient and medieval times.

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First Post :

Why was Harihara worshipped in Cambodia?

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Artist Interviews

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Demystifying Iconography

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General posts for arthub

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Feature articles

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Keeping it clean: Indian artist Krishnaraj Chonat on changing histories – video interview September 06, 2013

Seema Kohli: De-mystifying Kohli’s paradise May 18, 2016

Thota Vaikuntam: A study of the evolution of the iconic Telengana women April 14, 2016

Movements and styles

When did Art become Abstract? May 26, 2016

The Age of Modern Art: Part I July 26, 2016

The Age of Modern Art: Part II  August 13, 2016

Fearless in the face of tragedy: The trials and tribulations of Mexico’s greatest feminist icon September 21, 2016

Artist vs. The Canvas: Painting Techniques August 24, 2016

The Print Medium: Techniques and tools of the trade September 11, 2016

Artist Interviews

Ranbir Kaleka: A Visionary and a Storyteller May 13, 2014

Jagannath Panda | Venturing boldly into the Unknown June 10, 2014

Learning the ‘architecture’ of shadows with Bhagyashree Suthar | Winner, Artsome Young Artist Competition July 31, 2014

List Posts

Fête de la Photo : Indo – French Photo Festival, Delhi March 16, 2014

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